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Hi, I'm Katie.

Coach. Educator. Writer.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Trauma Specialist, Certified Yoga Professional and Therapeutic Coach. I take the practices and tools I have learned over a decade as a therapist and social worker and almost just as long committed to my own personal development and translate them to you in a way that feels accessible, practical and down to earth. 

I am sick of therapeutic/wellness practices feeling out of reach and overwhelming to people who need them. We all deserve to feel less stress and more joy; my hope is that you find something here that helps you on your journey to being a whole, happy human. 

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My Mission

Make wellness accessible, practical and meaningful to you.

From free resources to high level 1:1 therapeutic support, there is something for you here. Check out some of my services below and notice what calls to you - start there!

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"Katie guided me to a space of self-compassion, understanding, and growth. I learned how that space could serve and benefit me in just about every aspect of my life. What I loved is that she worked with me in my entirety, as a whole. Rather than treating an individual aspect, she zoomed out to understand my wellness from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lenses. The experience was very powerful."

- Mo

More About Katie

I am a licensed clinical social worker and trauma therapist turned coach who empowers emotional freedom through the power of relationship and skills building. My approach combines a background of Western talk therapy with yoga and other Eastern-influenced somatic practices to be a well-rounded exploration of your full humanity. I am often told that I am a powerful space holder and that my clients feel safe to be seen, heard and fully expressed in my presence. In addition to feeling deeply held through working with me, clients say that they learn practical and implementable tools and practices to help them feel less stressed and more joy in their lives. I believe that most of us have had experiences throughout our lives that have led us to eclipse the most authentic and full version of ourselves. My intention and hope is to facilitate experiences that lead clients to gain more awareness around their conditioned behaviors and learn tools and skills to help guide them back to their most authentic selves. 


I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Georgetown University. After several years working in the foster care and juvenile justice systems, I went on to get my Masters of Social Work from University of Chicago. During and post-grad, I focused my studies on mindfulness-based therapies, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Working with high trauma populations taught me the importance of seeing humanity through the lens of trauma and the power of nervous system healing as an avenue towards greater emotional freedom and authentic expression of self. 

My interest in mindfulness as a pathway to deeper presence and happiness led naturally into my love of yoga. After completing my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, I dove further into spirituality and connecting trauma treatment with yoga practices. At the core, I am interested in how we cultivate safety and presence in our bodies so that we can become the most genuine version of ourselves. 

My work is also profoundly influenced by my own personal growth journey. Most of my twenties was spent managing and healing from debilitating health issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, overwhelm, substance abuse, a gnarly inner critic and propensity for shame spiraling, and perfectionist people pleasing tendencies. While I looked healthy and happy on the outside, I was brutally uncomfortable and unwell on the inside. I finally started to get my feet under me when I truly learned how to feel and self-soothe my own emotions, have my own back and radically choose a life that felt like mine and not others’ expectations of what my life was supposed to be. My storyline came to a peak when I decided to leave my marriage to a really wonderful man that didn’t feel right in my heart. Everything looked perfect to our community, but inside I knew that it wasn’t the life I was meant to live and that life wasn’t just supposed to be good, it was supposed to be fully mine. Years of inner work, healing and learning to tune to my inner truth allowed me to jump from safety into radical authenticity. And it is this truth seeking and truth expression that I hope to facilitate for my clients. I believe transformation happens when we learn to feel our emotions with safety and presence, let go of shame stories and allow ourselves to fully express our humanity. 


Professional Titles

Licenced Clinical Social Worker with over 4,500 hours of clinical experience

Registered Yoga Teacher (200 Hour)

Functional Nutrition Practitioner through Functional Nutrition Alliance

I've helped dozens of clients navigate painful parts of themselves and implement practices to cultivate a more joyful life.

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