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"Katie’s yoga classes are wonderfully thoughtful and fun. Her sequencing is intentional and engaging, while giving students the space to modify when needed. She always has an insightful message/quote/poem for her students to think about through class, which always resonate with me. I feel more calm, in my body, stretched out, energized and more powerful (mentally and physically) after her classes, which is exactly what I want from a yoga class!"

- Natalie

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"Thank you for being a vital part of my morning routine. You create the perfect class by balancing breathing and movement. Listening to your voice grounds me and allows me to relax as I lay on my mat leaving me with a sensation of ease and calmness."


Public classes are taught online through Metta Yoga Studio live in Corte Madera and via Zoom.

I teach a Vinyasa Yoga class that is trauma-informed and rooted in principals of self-compassion. In my classes you are invited to connect to your body and your authentic self, you are given options and autonomy over your experience and you will receive alignment cues to feel grounded in the poses. Your whole experience is welcome.

Current Schedule:

Tuesday/Thursday 9:30am on Zoom, Metta Yoga
Tuesday 11am Outdoor @Menke Park, Metta Yoga
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